Top 5 Most Common Orthodontic Problems That Face The People Of Ireland

 Top-5-Most-Common-Orthodontic-ProblemsTeeth can grow crooked and misaligned over time, causing you problems with eating, speaking and self-confidence. If teeth aren’t properly aligned to come together evenly, an Orthodontist can gently guide them into place using any one of a number of devices from braces to alignersHere are the top five most common orthodontic issues Irish people face.

1: ‘Buck’ Teeth

where the front teeth protrude like a rabbit’s. People with protruding front teeth far more likely to damage them in a fall or accident, because of the way they stick out. Correcting this issue visibly improves a person’s appearance.

2: Overcrowding

People’s jaws vary in size and if your jaw is narrow you won’t have enough space for all your teeth to grow properly. An Orthodontist can remove teeth if needs be and gently guide others into the correct spacing.

3: Overbite

When the top teeth come down too far over the bottom teeth when you close your jaw. This impacts the shape of your face and mouth.

4: Underbite

When you clench your teeth closed the top teeth bite inside of the bottom teeth, like a bulldog. This means your upper teeth are too far back, or your lower ones are too far forward! It also affects the shape of your face and jawline.

5: Spacing

Gaps between teeth caused by a missing tooth or teeth that just don’t fill your mouth properly. It’s the opposite of overcrowding and can be corrected.

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