Flexible payment plan and big savings on Orthodontic treatments for adults and children

At Smile Store, we offer huge savings on Orthodontic (braces) treatments for adults and children – up to 50% savings over local orthodontic specialists! Orthodontic care in Ireland can be very expensive. There’s a far lower number of dentists in Ireland in proportion to our population compared to the rest of Europe, and finding affordable treatment is a challenge.

Look no further – Smile Store are here to help and will save you money, provide flexible payment plans and an utterly transparent fee structure with no hidden costs.

SaveMoneyOnDentalTreatmentsUp to 50% savings for you

A price comparison between Smile Store and other orthodontic surgeries in Cork revealed you could pay an average of €4,500 to €6,000 upfront for orthodontic treatments. That’s a lot of money to hand over in one payment and often out of reach for many families.

Think the HSE might cover it? Unlikely – they only cover the most severe cases, and their waiting list is famously long. It can take over 12 months to be seen and treatment may be deferred. The HSE will not cover average orthodontic issues, nor correction for aesthetic reasons.

At Smile Store we will formulate an immediate treatment plan for you with no delays, and you or your children will be on the way to a straight, healthy smile. We offer two distinct advantages to our patients for orthodontic treatment.

1) We are better value. We offer the same orthodontic treatments that other private dental surgeries charge up to €6,000 for, at a much more competitive price.

2) We offer payment plans to spread your payments out over time, making it easier to work into your budget.

Orthodontic Treatment Pricing
It takes a while to safely and effectively move misaligned teeth into place. In Orthodontics, no two cases are alike as teeth are as unique as fingerprints, so your treatment plan is totally customised. Moving your teeth is done in stages. Here’s an example how the pricing and our flexible payment plan works for each stage for traditional braces:

Top Teeth:

A brace, which is a bracket and wires, is bonded to the upper arch (top teeth)

Price: €650

Bottom Teeth:

A brace is bonded to the lower arch (bottom teeth) and when this can be done depends on the patient (can be together with the upper arch bonding or up to 3 months later)

Price: €650

Follow-up Adjustments:

Once the braces are on, they must be adjusted regularly by the Orthodontist to gradually apply varying levels of tension on the teeth in order to move them into place. This is done in a series of follow-up appointments, which cost €65 each. The amount of appointments will depend on how your teeth are moving and how complex your treatment is. The average number of appointments is about 15 or so, with the average orthodontic treatment for braces taking about 18 months altogether.

Debonding (removal of braces):

Once your teeth are where they need to be, it’s time for the braces to come off. Hooray! This is the big day when you get to say goodbye to your braces and hello to your beautiful straight smile.

Price: €500

Retention Phase:

To keep the newly straightened teeth in place, you need to wear a retainer for a certain period of time after your orthodontic treatment has been completed.

The type of retainer and length of time you must wear it varies by patient. It’s crucial to be compliant with this final stage, though – otherwise your teeth will move back out of place again!

Price: €150 per arch

Invisalign-20Competitive payment plan for Invisalign treatments

Invisalign clear braces work well for people who prefer their braces not to look obvious. They are not suitable for every case (read more about Invisalign here) but if they will work for you we offer an excellent price plan

1) First visit for impressions €640

2) First trays fitted approx 4 weeks later €640

3) 10 monthly instalments with Direct Debit of €192 thereafter

Range of Orthodontic Treatments Available

Our Orthodontists are specialists in advanced treatments, always on the cutting edge of the latest developments. We offer a variety of choices so you can get straight, even teeth in a way that works for you.

We specialise in:

  •        Preventative early treatment
  •        Removable Appliances for children
  •        Lingual braces – bonded on inside of the teeth – for adults
  •        Invisalign clear braces for teens and adults
  •        Metal and aesthetic braces for both children and adults

Don’t forget that if left untreated, children’s misaligned teeth get much worse and early intervention will save you thousands of euro. You can address your child’s orthodontic problems early for as little as €800 at Smile Store. Don’t wait – every month that goes by can possibly cost you more in the long run.

Adults with crooked or misaligned teeth should know it’s never too late to fix them – braces will correct your smile, even if it’s been out of line for years.  The amount of self-confidence a stunning smile gives you is amazing.

Many of the options outlined above are suitable for people who want less obvious braces, but you’ll discover the best choice for you once the Orthodontist has developed your treatment plan.

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