We develop a tailored treatment plan for every patient outlining the number of appointments you’ll need; what procedures are involved, costing for each and options such as types/brands of implants.

Your whole treatment plan is explained in detail and the specialist will personally answer any questions you may have, working with you to prioritise your time and budget.


Your medical and dental history is reviewed; dental x-rays taken and a computed tomography scan (a CT scan, from our iCat scanner at our practice) performed to give a clear overview of every single structure in the mouth.

This information allows us to see how much bone you have in both jaws; if you need bone augmentation; where crucial structures like nerves are located, and where implants can be optimally placed for the most positive outcome.


Measurements are taken to create temporary crowns or dentures to wear until the final step of fitting your new teeth.


Once you and your specialist have gone through all of the options and reviewed your expectations in detail, you may need to get some bone augmentation in order to provide you with enough bone to hold implants. 

Every single step of a dental implant procedure, no matter how many teeth you’re missing, is customised. The goal is to give you teeth that not only look natural, but are very comfortable and allow you to bite down comfortably, spreading the pressure over the dentures so as not to put too much pressure on any particular prosthetic teeth.

STEP 4: 

Once any preliminary procedures such as bone augmentation are completed, you’ll have your implant placement surgery.

The Oral Surgeon specialist will select the appropriate size and type of implant for you, and will open up the gum to insert them into the jawbone itself. We offer Smart Guide surgery for precision placement in certain cases.

Using local anaesthetic so you are completely comfortable, the surgeon will make a small incision and a series of tiny drills allows the creation of a hole in the jawbone, where the implant is placed. The incision is closed and the healing begins. It’s a painless procedure performed in the dental chair with local anaesthetic. The length of surgery depends on the number of implants required.

As dental implants are made of titanium, which is biocompatible with your body, the jaw grows around the implant and it becomes part of your jawbone just like a natural tooth root. Depending on your own natural healing process, this fusion takes between three to six months.

You must be careful not to place any pressure on the implants after the first surgery so they have the best chance of healing properly.


Your second surgery involves exposing the tops of the now-firm implants, so the specialist can attach a healing cap (or ‘collar’) to the head of the implant. It’s a round piece of metal and is left in place for 10-14 days. This healing cap guides the gum tissue to heal correctly in preparation for the abutment placement.

After the jaw and gums have healed as guided, your next procedure will involve the specialist replacing the healing caps with an abutment.


The abutment is the ‘connector’ between the implant (root) and the prosthesis (tooth/teeth). At this stage your gums are now healed enough for the specialist to take an impression of the jaw and gums to use as a model to take impressions for your new teeth.

Once your new teeth have come back from the lab, they will be tried out to ensure they feel comfortable.

Depending on your particular case; the number of replacement teeth you’re having and the kind of attachment method being used to connect the dentures to the implants, there may be further steps involved in the ‘try-out’ process.


The last step is affixing of the new dentures to the abutments on your implants, so the results are aesthetically pleasing; natural looking and fully functional with complete comfort.

You will be given a specific oral care plan to look after your new implant-supported teeth, and as long as you are compliant in your dental hygiene you can enjoy a lifetime guarantee on all dental implants from Smile Store.

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