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Scheduling Your First Appointment

Call us on 021 432 0004 and we will book an initial consultation for you.

We will get a few details from you about your dental concerns to book your appointment with the appropriate dental professional. Depending on your dental issues, your first appointment may be with a dentist; orthodontist (braces specialist); implant specialist or periodontist.

In some cases, you may require more than one consultation, to address and plan for multiple issues.

Our team will advise you, so you can meet with the relevant practitioner as soon as possible.

We are open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

We work by appointment only; however, if you have an emergency we will try to see you as soon as possible to assess the problem; decide the best course of action and to help you manage any discomfort.

First Visit

Depending on your specific concerns, your first visit will be a comprehensive dental examination and diagnostic imaging as needed.

Most patients will have an x-ray to give the dentist a complete view of all your teeth.

This is a key tool in correctly diagnosing the problem and determining your treatment. We also have a CBCT scanner for 3-dimensional imaging. Link to fees

Plan to spend 30-60 minutes with us on your first consultation, depending on the dental professional and the scope of your dental issues. We create a specific and customised treatment plan for every patient. The comprehensive treatment plan may involve internal consultations between specialists to provide you with the best service.

Following your initial consultation, we’ll then schedule a treatment appointment for you based on your needs and on the urgency of your treatment.

We can go through the costs and priorities with you, and together we will work out a timeline that suits you and your budget.

Dental Implants

Dental implant patients will be offered a CT scan with our iCat Cone Beam CT Scanner.

A dental implant is a replacement for your own tooth root, made from titanium and fitted precisely into your jawbone.

It is inserted under local anaesthetic by one of our Oral Surgeon specialists, where it fuses over time with your own bone in a process known as osseointegration. This process takes between three to six months but will vary from patient to patient. Link to fees


Orthodontics involves the correction of misaligned teeth with braces or retainers, for adults and children.

Your Orthodontic consultation will include discussion of your concerns and appropriate options to straighten your smile. We will take photographs and impressions of your teeth, so we can develop a full treatment plan detailing how your teeth will be moved to their ideal position and the timeline involved. Your tailored treatment plan will be sent to you within a week so you can review itemised costs, number of appointments and payment plan.

For Invisalign candidates, the orthodontist will take impressions and photos of your teeth. The Orthodontist will give you a general idea of what to expect; then all your data is sent to the Invisalign Company to create your customised treatment plan. Within 2-3 weeks Invisalign email your plan, along with an animated video of how your teeth will move into place. Once you have reviewed it and are satisfied, treatment begins.

An OPG (orthopantomogram – a panoramic x ray showing location, position and growth of all teeth on a single film) and Lat Ceph (Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph, showing a sideways view of the face) will have to be taken. For fees, see here.

Our Commitment

Smile Store – Your Local Dental Specialists are committed to providing you with the very best care at the most affordable prices.
As a high-volume practice, we have the purchasing power to buy in bulk and can pass those savings along to our patients.

We have an all-specialist team under one roof and can perform every stage of your treatment in our surgery; without having to send you elsewhere for scans or referrals. This allows us to offer the best pricing and saves you up to 67% over local prices.

To find out more, you can have a look at our pricing page or call one of our team on 021 432 0004.

Tax Relief

Tax Relief

Tax relief is available on many different dental procedures available at Smile Store - The Dental Specialists

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