News outlets in both the U.K. and Ireland have reported nightmare stories of people who have sought the perfect Hollywood Smile in Turkey, only to find themselves living with chronic pain and damaged dentistry as a result.

The BBC filmed a documentary on the subject, examining the fallout and hearing dentists warn against too-fast, too-much at once treatments.

The Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Irish Independent have all featured recent reports detailing the difficulties of patients left in pain after being sold the concept of cut-price dentistry and an immediate Holly wood Smile specifically at clinics in Turkey.

Private clinics in Ireland and the U.K. have warned of undesirable outcomes, including the Harley Street Smile Clinic in London, who said they had been inundated by young people suffering from severe infections, intense long-lasting pain, infected gums or rotting teeth due to the procedure.

Irish Tik-Tok user Lisa Martyn from Ireland is one such person who was left in pain after seeking ‘Turkey Teeth’.

She flew to Turkey seeking a whole set of 26 veneers to look perfect for her son’s wedding. A whole mouthful of veneers is ill-advised due to the effect on the patient’s bite, change to their lifestyle and an array of other potential problems – but Lisa ended up with even bigger trouble as she was actually fitted with crowns, a far more invasive procedure.

In conversation with the BBC, she said she travelled to Turkey for the cosmetic treatment and paid 3,500 Euros for what she thought was veneers but was actually a set of crowns.

She told the BBC: ‘I was duped into the dream of having a full set of perfect teeth that I was never going to have any issues with, but I was grossly misled about what I was having done – they were sold to me as veneers not a full set of crowns.

‘No one sat down and told me the risks or if there were any other options. I thought that once they put the new teeth into my mouth that would be it – there would never be any more problems.

‘But not only have I been in crippling pain every day since, but it has also cost me thousands. It’s the biggest mistake of my life.’

Mere months after her treatment, the 48-year-old was left in horrific pain after developing an abscess which nearly paralysed half her face and is suffering from nerve sensitivity.

Trying to get help after having work done abroad is very difficult in Ireland, as Irish dentists are extremely reluctant to attempt to undo the damage done elsewhere or to assume responsibility for patients that were over-treated or who have had poor work done.

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