What Is A Full Mouth Dental Implant Cost In Ireland?

A few years ago, the only option to replace all missing teeth in the jaw were full-mouth dentures. However, many people did not like dentures as they did not provide sufficient chewing efficacy, and did not optimally restore the facial aesthetics. Today, thanks to modern dentistry, you don’t have to get complete dentures for replacing all missing teeth in a jaw. Now you can get full mouth dental implants that not only offer superior functionality but are also aesthetically more pleasing and durable. If you’re interested in finding more about full-mouth implant-supported teeth, this article for you. So, read on to learn everything you need to know about implant-supported full dentures. 

What Should Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost In 2022?

The cost of full-mouth implants depends on the number of implants needed for supporting the complete fixed denture. On average, a single implant may cost anywhere between €1800 – €2000. The good news is that you don’t have to get an implant for each single tooth. Instead, only four or six implants are sufficient to support a complete denture. When four dentures are used for attaching a complete fixed prosthesis, it is known as all-on-four implant-supported denture. So, an all-on-four prosthesis for the upper or lower jaw may cost you anywhere between €8000-€10000, depending on the number of implants needed.   

What Country Is The Best For Dental Tourism?

If you are residing in the UI, you might find dental treatment costs to be exorbitantly high. Hence, you might be tempted to consider dental tourism – get an all-on-four prosthesis while still saving enough money to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Well, the idea may sound really interesting. But, have you considered why dental tourism is so cheap compared to home? Dental tourism companies often cut their costs by using low-quality and less durable dental materials which carry higher risk of causing adverse or allergic reactions. Besides, the dentists working at these companies or dental practices are not as experienced and skilled as in the UK or Ireland. 

So, what’s the alternative, you might ask. Why not consider getting your treatment in Ireland? Dentists in Ireland have the same level of qualifications and skills as the UK dentists, but the treatment costs are a fraction of what you would have to pay in London. Besides, you can simply drive yourself to Ireland, get your treatment done, and be back home in a single day. So, if you’re trying to cut your costs through dental tourism, Ireland is the best country for this purpose. 

How Much Does A Mini Dental Implant Cost?

Mini implants have the same structure, design, and shape as conventional tooth implants. However, they differ from regular implants due to their smaller size. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, a mini implant is a smaller version of traditional implants, having about the same diameter as pencil lead. Mini implants are mainly used where there is insufficient jawbone available – due to bone loss – to support longer implants, or when there is sufficient vertical space between the upper and lower jaws to accommodate regular implants, On average, one mini implant may cost you anywhere between €500 and €1500. 

How Much Space Do You Need Between Dental Implants?

Research has shown that there should be at least 1.5-2mm horizontal space between an implant and a natural tooth. Similarly, a 3mm space is required between two adjacent implants. This is to ensure optimal space for the placement of the prosthesis, and to provide maximum aesthetics and implant stability. Your dentist will decide the optimal space between implants during the treatment planning phase. 

What Kind Of Xrays Are Required For Dental Implants?

In addition to regular x-ray images such as the peri-apical or bitewing view, your dentist will also order a full-mouth x-ray image which provides an image of all your teeth and their neighbouring structures. This type of x-ray is known as an orthopentomamogram (OPG). an OPG provides vital information regaring the health status of all your teeth, and helps your dentist visualise if any tooth needs prior treatment, such as fillings or root canal treatment, before the implant placement process is initiated. Besides an OPG, dentists nowadays also use cone-bean CT, which gives a sliced view of the different structures in the oral cavity. A jaw bone CT scan also allows the dentist to visualise the quality and quantity of jawbone at the site of implant placement. 

Why Do Dental Implants Cost Thousands Per Tooth?

There are several reasons why dental implants cost a lot. First, implants are made from medical-grade titanium, which itself is quite expensive. Secondly, successful tooth replacement with dental implants requires finesse,tion to detail, and extensive treatment planning. Dentists need to undergo additional clinical training to master the skill of implant placement. So, it is the skill that is expensive – not all dentists are capable of successfully replacing teeth with implants.  

Are All-On-4 Dental Implants The Best Option?

If you’re considering which option is best for replacing all missing teeth in a jaw, no doubt all-on-four is the most comfortable, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing option. So, if you’re tired of wearing those uncomfortable and unaesthetic complete dentures, it is time to switch to all-on-four implants. 

Are Dental Implants A Permanent Solution For Tooth Loss?

Yes, dental implant-supported replacement teeth are the next best thing to your natural ones. According to the American Dental Association, your implants can last a lifetime if you look after them properly by taking good care of your oral hygiene. 

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