Dental Implants Options

At Smile Store the Dental Specialists, you can rest assured that all of our dental implants, abutments, crowns and bridges are manufactured by the most reputable companies, and are entirely safe and effective.

We like to offer people choice when they want to change their lives by investing in their smile; their health and their confidence, and for that reason we offer a range of implants to choose from, depending upon your “replacing missing teeth” needs.

Freedom of Choice

As with virtually every product, the consumer has the power to choose the level of quality they would prefer. This power of choice extends to dental implants and their associated devices, so patients have the freedom to select what best suits their budget and requirements.

The two most important elements of dental implants are:

  • Good fusion with your own jawbone (osseointegration). In cases where natural teeth have been missing for some time, bone augmentation is needed to ensure sufficient bone volume to securely anchor the implant.
  • Healing time: Your own bone cells grow on and around the implants, which takes 3-6 months depending on the location of those implants.
Alpha-Bio Implants

The Alpha-Bio brand is offered as a more affordable option, to provide value to the patient without compromising on quality or reliability.

Alpha-Bio implants have a wide range suitable for every bone type and are prepared in various diameters and lengths for the best fit. They provide a cost-effective solution for patients concerned with budget.

Nobel BioCare Implants

With over 50 years of clinical research behind them, Nobel BioCare offer an extremely advanced range of implants, for every clinical indication and case. With a unique ‘bone-friendly’ coating, Nobel BioCare implants provide an exceptional range and top-quality implants, particularly in complex cases.

Straumann Dental Implants

Swiss-made Straumann offer what are widely considered to be the finest, most sophisticated and technically refined implant system in the world. Essentially the Rolls Royce of dental implants, they heal faster than other dental implants and integrate perfectly with your jaw for complete reliability.

The following image shows a cross section of these dental implants and the complexity and precision engineering of these implants, used exclusively in our dental implant clinic in southern Ireland. (Of course, none of this is visible when you have missing teeth replaced with  implants)

Straumann dental implants in Ireland

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