People in search of a ‘Hollywood Smile’ are bombarded with advertisements online offering prices that seem too good to be true.

The hashtag #turkeyteeth has been viewed online well over a million times, and dentists in Ireland have warned people to be wary of having complex dental work performed abroad.

The strangely artificial white smile is the latest fad, made popular by internet influencers and reality television stars, and often involves having veneers placed on the teeth.

What people don’t realise is that natural teeth must first be shaved down to make room for the veneer, which is essentially like a false nail, attached to the front of the tooth.

Not only do veneers come off quite easily if the person bites into something solid like an apple, but most people ask for veneers on all their teeth, which involves each tooth being filed down and damaging all the dentition in the mouth.

Several private clinics in Ireland have reported patients who have been sold the idea of veneers, only to have a far more aggressive option of crowns pushed upon them when they arrive in Turkey.

To place a crown, the whole tooth is filed away to a tiny peg and crowns are fitted on top. It is invasive and when too many crowns are placed too quickly, infection can set in leaving the patient in extreme pain.

Both crowns and veneers have a finite lifespan, so all will have to be replaced in 5- 10 years depending on the material used.

Obviously, the more crowns or veneers that have been performed at a cut price in Turkey, the higher the cost of replacing all of them once they fail – and they will – becomes.

You can achieve a gorgeous smile safely, with a specialist who understands both the aesthetic and clinical outcome of fixing your teeth.

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