We love to offer choice to our patients. All of our dental implants, abutments, crowns and bridges are manufactured by the most reputable companies and are entirely safe and effective. We have a range to suit everybody’s budget. Using our iCat CT scanner, we are able to customise your treatment plan and choose the best size implant for you. The choice of dental implant is yours, and we are happy to tell you about the features and benefits of each. Which is why below you will see a list of the 3 dental implant options at Smile Store Cork & how they work.

The Choices

1: Straumann Dental Implants3 Dental Implant Options At Smile Store Cork & How They Work

Swiss-made Straumann are the Rolls Royce of implants, considered to be the most sophisticated and technically refined system in the world. They integrate perfectly with your jaw for complete reliability and heal faster than other implants which allows the surgeon to place your permanent crowns, bridges or dentures to restore full functionality to your mouth.

2: ANKYLOS Implants

The two-piece ANKYLOS design provides a good foundation for whatever restoration you may need, be it crown, bridge or denture. It encourages healthy tissue growth and reduces risk of inflammation. ANKYLOS implants have an etched surface to encourage integration with your own jaw bone.

3: Alpha-Bio Implants

Alpha-Bio implants have a wide range suitable for every bone type and are prepared in various diameters and lengths for the best fit. They provide a cost-effective, reliable solution for patients concerned with budget who want an affordable option.

How Do They Work?

Dental implants work by fusing with your own jaw (osseointegration) to form solid healthy bone which holds the implant in and allows it to stand up to bite pressure. The faster the healing time the better as the sooner your implant has healed the sooner you can get your replacement tooth or teeth for a that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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