Our great dental hygienist can save you thousands of euro on further dental procedures, as taking care of what you have is essential.

Even those without any natural teeth left benefit from regular cleanings, as implants, dentures, bridges and braces must all be professionally cleaned every six months to stay within the terms of your Smile Store warranty.

What to expect 

Our dental hygienist works on a prescriptive basis on the order of your dentist, using your x-rays and notes.

She charts pockets in your gums where bacteria hide away and use instruments to thoroughly remove plaque and tartar deposits. 

Professional teeth cleaning is vital for two reasons:

  • To prevent tooth loss
  • To guard against inflammatory diseases in the rest of the body like heart disease, dementia, and complications of diabetes.

Plaque and tartar build up in your mouth naturally, but your body sees them as invaders and your immune system reacts with bleeding and inflamed gums.

Advanced Hygiene Session (60 minutes)

The hygienist starts with a physical exam of your mouth, checking for signs of gingivitis (inflamed gums) or other potential concerns.

She uses a hand-held scaling tool to remove hard calculus, then moves to an ultrasonic scaler to remove stubborn pieces with a gentle vibration, coupled with a water jet.

The goal is to remove as much tartar and plaque as possible; especially around the vulnerable gum line. She’ll tell you about the areas you need to pay special attention to brushing at home, such as pockets or areas where bacteria become trapped.

She will use Prophy-Jet, a high-tech method of deep cleaning using pressurized water and microcrystals to ‘sandblast’ the teeth.

You’ll get a thorough flossing, as she can get deep in behind the teeth, and she’ll note any bleeding from potential trouble spots.

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