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Caroline McCarthy

About my treatment at Smile Store...


I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the work that's been done here


About my treatment at Smile Store...


The treatment ongoing is still about a third of the price

Pat & Angela

About my treatment at Smile Store...

How Smile Store Can Help You

Welcome How Smile Store Can Help You

Smile Store are a team of dedicated dentists in Cork who are completely committed to providing affordable dental treatment to all of our patients.

Our goal is to make extensive dental treatments affordable and accessible to everyone, offering up to 67% savings on the cost of treatments.

Smile Store is a dentist in Cork City with a state of the art, purpose built dental surgery, with an all-specialist team including an Oral Surgeon Specialist and Master of Implantology; orthodontist; prosthodontist; general dentist and dental hygienists. All of our staff are passionate about providing the highest standards of dental care.

More About Us

What we doDental Implants

Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing or damaged teeth. A dental implant is a replacement for your own tooth root, made from titanium and fitted precisely into your jawbone. It is inserted under local anaesthetic by one of our Oral Surgeon specialists, where it fuses over time with your own bone in a process known as osseointegration. This process takes between three to six months but will vary from patient to patient.

We stay on the leading edge of technology to offer patients and referring dentists the best diagnostic tools. We offer Smart Guide Surgery for digital treatment planning and guided implant placement. Smart Guide allows safe and precise treatment and is an advanced solution for perfect placement and positioning of your implants.

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What we doGeneral/Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a full range of general dental services; from fillings to root canals to extractions. Protecting and maintaining your oral health is a huge part of your general wellbeing. If you have a problem, don’t ignore it – we can help you.

Our gentle, understanding dentists will get to the root of any issue and make a plan for complete dental fitness.

Proper function, clean healthy teeth and gums and a balanced bite are a priority for a good foundation.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetics and appearance of your smile once any oral health issues have been addressed.

Then a skilled approach will make sure the right combination of treatment will improve what nature gave you to create an attractive and natural-looking smile.

Shade, size and symmetry are the key elements of a gorgeous smile. Crowns; veneers; composite bonding and whitening are just some of the ways to compliment your features. Our specialists combine a keen eye for artistry with the science of advanced dentistry to boost your confidence and keep you smiling.

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What we doPeriodontal Treatments

Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that damages soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth. Periodontitis causes teeth to loosen and ultimately fall out. The disease must be managed and stabilised with specialist treatment.

There are different forms of the disease. Gingivitis is the mild initial stage, causing sore, bleeding gums. It can be reversed with regular cleaning, but once it has worsened into periodontal disease it can only be managed to minimize its effects.

Often called ‘the silent disease’, most people will not realise they have periodontal disease until they attend the dentist with a gum complaint or mobility of the teeth. The sooner you seek care, the better the chances of effective management.
We offer a Periodontal Package for our patients to halt and stabilise periodontal disease.

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What we doOrthodontics

Misaligned and crooked teeth can be straightened with orthodontic treatment. Each case is unique, so a tailored treatment plan is developed using the appropriate orthodontic device. The length of treatment time; number of adjustment appointments, and retention phase will depend on the complexity of each case.

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The Dental Specialists in IrelandHow to find us from major towns in Ireland

As a dental specialist offering some of the most affordable dental treatments in Ireland we’re proud to say that patients travel considerable distances to see us. Below, we have included links with travel instructions from a range of major towns in southern Ireland.

Tax Relief

Tax Relief

Tax relief is available on many different dental procedures available at Smile Store – The Dental Specialists.

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