Having dental work abroad might seem like a good idea initially. Low fees and a holiday? What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong, and has. There have been a number of reports across all Irish media in recent months detailing the horrors experienced by people who travelled abroad for different types of surgery, including dental. Sepsis; tooth loss; failed implants, pain and in one case, loss of life.

You may pay dearly for what seems like cheap foreign dental work. 

Rushed Work

There is a tiny window to perform a lot of work, so treatments tend to be rushed as the dentist you’re visiting has to cram as much work as possible into a tiny timeframe.

Most complex dental work requires several visits and should be performed over a specific time period to allow for healing. You cannot do this when being treated abroad.

Other dental procedures, such a sinus lift to add bone before implant placement, carry a no-fly warning for two weeks after the procedure so you shouldn’t be on a plane at all!


When you travel to another country to get complex dental work, you will inevitably be overtreated in a bid to avoid any problems down the road. 

Overtreatment occurs when dentist who don’t know you and hopes not to see you again perform prophylactic procedures, like a root canal, that you may not need at all. There is absolutely no finesse or conservative approach when you are a dental tourist, and your natural dentition will pay the price.

No Easy Access to Aftercare

All procedures require follow-up and aftercare, so you’ll have to fly back and forth, in and out of whatever country you had your work done in. 

Can you take all that time off work? Do you want to pay for the accommodation and flights again and again? Is it really a holiday if you’re huddled in your hotel bed with a throbbing mouth?

If you require emergency aftercare when something goes wrong, you’d better find a flight as an Irish dentist will not see patients who had work performed abroad. 

The medico-legal rules here in Ireland mean that a dentist will become liable once they continue or take over somebody else’s treatment, so it’s unsurprising that Irish dentists are reluctant to touch you if you’re having trouble after coming home.

You don’t need to go abroad for value. You can get the same value right here in Cork, without the risk; no planes; no hassle.

With Smile Store – Your Local Dental Specialists, you’ll never have to worry about rushed treatment or too much work performed in too short a time. You’ll have full access to the finest aftercare at all times, from staff who take the time to get to know you.

We offer the same low prices you’ll find abroad, with care, thought and warranties. The only flight you need to take is on a real holiday, to relax.

Tax Relief

Tax Relief

Tax relief is available on many different dental procedures available at Smile Store – The Dental Specialists.

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