Going Abroad For Dental Treatment - What You Should Know

Let’s face it; the idea sounds really lucrative – getting your dental treatment done in a beautiful country while enjoying a long-postponed vacation – that costs less than dental treatment alone in your own country. But before you start packing your bags, consider this: is medical or dental tourism really a good idea? What about the quality of treatment I will receive abroad? Will the foreign dentists use safe dental materials and products for my treatment that are long-lasting?

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about medical tourism so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to your oral health and physical wellbeing. So, continue reading to find out more. 

How Does Medical Tourism Work?

The idea behind Medical Tourism is straightforward – people who have expensive healthcare treatment travel to other countries that offer affordable medical and dental treatment – with the added advantage of enjoying a vacation on the beautiful resorts and beaches. In fact, the entire cost of treatment, along with the travel and staycation, is still lower than what they would pay for their treatment alone in their home country. 

What Are The Reasons Dental Tourism Occurs?

Dental tourism has become extremely popular these days. This is because the cost of dental treatment is very high in the UK and US. Therefore, people tend to travel abroad to countries that offer significantly lower dental treatment costs – allowing them to cover their travel and living expenses while enjoying the tourist destinations the host country provides. 

What Country Is The Best For Dental Tourism?

A country that offers high-quality dental services at affordable rates, with scenic and enjoyable tourist spots, is best for dental tourism. When selecting your dental tourism destination, you must always prioritize dental treatment quality over treatment costs and tourism facilities. After all, your oral health and physical wellbeing is the top-most priority.  

How Do I Choose The Best Dental Implant When Traveling Abroad?

When travelling abroad to get your missing teeth replaced with dental implants, you should ensure that the practice you’re considering uses high-quality dental implants that have a proven track record of safety and durability. During your initial consultation or online interview before departure, you should enquire about the manufacturer of the implants – and search online for patient reviews who have received these implants. Unfortunately, some foreign dental clinics tend to cut costs by using sub-standard dental implants and other materials that do not last long and may even be harmful to your health. 

How Much Does The Quality Of Dentists Differ By Country?

Each country has their healthcare regulations and quality of medical education. Hence, the skill and competence of dentists tend to vary in different countries. Although the cost of treatment in the UK and US is considerably higher than in other countries,  the quality of dental treatment offered in these countries is by far the best in the world. 

How Much Are Braces In Other Countries?

If you search online for countries offering dental treatments such as root canals and braces, you will find many dental tourism practices providing orthodontic treatment at a fraction of the treatment cost incurred in most European countries or the US. But there is a downside to this seemingly lucrative option. Imagine one of your brackets comes off, or your aligner breaks; would you travel abroad again just to get a replacement? More importantly, the practices that offer low-cost treatment often hire novice dentists who have insufficient clinical experience. Therefore, while trying to save money through dental tourism, you might end up paying up more money just to get your teeth fixed by a qualified dentist in the UK or Ireland – which the dentist abroad could not. 

Where Is The Cheapest Country To Get Orthodontics?

Numerous European, Asian, and South American countries offer low-cost orthodontic services, along with the promise of an enjoyable and memorable vacation. As discussed earlier, these practices compromise on dental material quality and sterilisation standards to cut their costs. Besides, most of these practices do not have specialist orthodontists to treat complex cases. The question you need to ask yourself is, “is it worth the risk – to my oral and general health?”

Where Is The Cheapest Country For Dental Implants?

Many people travel to countries like India, Turkey, Poland, Romania, and Lithuania to get dental implants at unbelievably low costs – sometimes costing even less than £500. However, you should do thorough research before selecting a dental tourism destination. Make sure they use high-quality, safe, and long-lasting implants and aesthetically pleasing artificial teeth that restore your smile and facial aesthetics. 

Where Is The Best Country To Go For Dental Care?

If you’re thinking about dental tourism for getting dental work done abroad, think again. What if you could get high-quality dental treatment at very affordable rates – and that too without having to travel to Eastern European countries! Why not get your dental treatment done in Ireland? A country that offers the perfect combination of low-cost dental work with beautiful places and scenic views to enjoy. What’s more, if you live in England, you can simply drive to Ireland or catch a quick flight overnight to get your treatment done, without disturbing your work schedule or your children’s schooling. 

At Smile Store, we take pride in having a highly qualified and trained dental team and state-of-the-art dental equipment to ensure that you get the highest quality dental services. So, no need to travel abroad; simply book a new patient appointment, or request a callback from our Cork, Ireland office, and give us the chance to give your entire family a healthy, lasting, and beautiful smile.

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