75% Increase In Demand For Adult Orthodontic Treatment To Improve Confidence

75% Increase In Adult Orthodontics For Self-EsteemIrish adults are now very proactive about improving their appearance and self-esteem, with a large rise in the number seeking orthodontic treatment to address crooked and misaligned teeth.

Looking & Feeling Great With Straight, Healthy Teeth

Smile Store has seen a large increase in consultation requests from adult orthodontic patients seeking treatment. Having lived with misshapen teeth for many years, these patients tell us they are tired being embarrassed by their teeth, and want to straighten out their dental issues.

These numbers echo the results of a survey released last week by the British Orthodontic Society, in which 75% of dental practices noted an increase in orthodontic treatment requests for patients over the age of 18.*

The specialist body said that “heightened awareness of adult orthodontic treatments and rising expectations regarding the positive impact of treatment on both appearance and well-being can be considered key drivers for this increase in demand”.*

Affordable, Accessible Specialist Orthodontic Care At Smile Store

Improved access to orthodontic treatment with affordable care and flexible treatment plans has undoubtedly spurred people to do something about wayward teeth that have mortified them for years.

As dental health awareness has increased, and specialist practices like Smile Store make comprehensive orthodontic treatment cheaper and easier than ever, people are choosing to do something about teeth that have embarrassed them for so long.

adult bracesVariety Of Advanced Brace Treatments For Adults

Braces and bite correction are considered a priority for children these days, but many adults had resigned themselves to tolerating the lack of confidence and discomfort caused by incorrectly aligned teeth.

Advances in orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign (the transparent tray system) and less obtrusive brace systems have made the idea of wearing braces less daunting for adults, who are enthusiastic about tackling orthodontic problems for permanent results.

Demand has been such that Smile Store have increased their Orthodontic Specialist team in order to meet patient demand for a wide variety of orthodontic intervention.

Cases vary from minor alignment adjustments using clear braces and retainer systems, to complete rearrangement of significantly crooked, crowded and prominent teeth.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Straight Smile?

Usually anywhere between 6 to 18/24 months, depending on how far your teeth have gone astray.

Orthodontic treatment times vary greatly from patient to patient as teeth can’t be moved back into position overnight – it took many years for them to grow out of alignment!

The Orthodontist must consider the position of all your teeth, and develop the best treatment plan to combine an attractive appearance with comfortable and effective function so you won’t encounter any problems with bite, or the way your teeth come together to chew.

After your initial consultation and x-rays, our Orthodontist will have the information to develop a treatment plan with an accurate time frame; number of appointments needed for monitoring and adjustment of whatever brace system is best for you, and anticipated results.

Transparent Costs & Flexible Payment Plan

Smile Store are always extremely candid about treatment costs as we understand you have to be able to prioritise your time and budget.

We’ll give you a written plan with all costs clearly outlined for your treatment; how many appointments you’ll need for brace adjustment; debonding (brace removal) and retention (the phase after your braces are removed).

To book your orthodontic consultation just call us on 021-432-0004 and we’ll find a time that suits you.

*British Orthodontics Society survey

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