Fear of Embarrassment at the Dentist

Are you mortified by your teeth? You’re not alone. It takes ages for some of our patients to pluck up the courage to come in, as embarrassment is one of the main reasons they’ve put off a visit for years.

In fact, studies show that “intense embarrassment due to poor dental status or perceived neglect, often with fear of negative social evaluation”, is very common among people who put off dental visits, until they are finally driven by pain to make an appointment.

PLEASE don’t feel embarrassed! There is no need to worry; lot of our patients have the same concerns. We’re happy to help, and helping people to find their smile, after years of hiding it, is our job. No need to feel awkward – we are just glad to see you!

Vicious Circle of Dental Fear

People who are afraid of the dentist won’t get regular care. This leads to poorer oral health, which in turn leads to shame; embarrassment and guilt.

This vicious cycle can continue for years until a person is finally in such pain, physically or emotionally, that they have to make an appointment. If only they knew that there is nothing our dentists haven’t seen before!

A visit to Smile Store is a Positive Experience

The old-school, authoritarian way of cranky dentists lecturing patients has happily disappeared in Ireland, and about time too. Who needs to be berated or humiliated when you are there for help?

Modern dentistry is about understanding; care and education so patients leave our surgery feeling content and informed. Your visit will be a positive experience, and no matter what the reason for your dental problems, we are here to serve you and fix your smile.

We see our job as a caring profession, and it might help you to realise that we view your dental issues in terms of gums and teeth; not a reflection of your character!

Everybody who comes to us is there for the same reason- they have a problem with their smile. We fix it. Nothing is a surprise to us; we have seen it all before, and all we care about is improving your teeth.

Fear disappears with your first appointment

We’ll fix your teeth’s function and aesthetics; reduce or prevent pain, and tell you how to care for your dental hygiene at home. We’d like to see you for regular check-ups, so you don’t have any more problems.

You’ll leave the Smile Store – Your Local Dental Specialist surgery feeling a million times better than you did when you came in, so don’t put off treatment any longer. Just give us a call on 021 432 0004 and we promise we can help.
See some of our patients’ experiences about overcoming their own fear here https://smilestore.ie/reviews-list/

Tax Relief

Tax Relief

Tax relief is available on many different dental procedures available at Smile Store – The Dental Specialists.

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