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Thousands of people in Cork want a brighter, whiter smile and are willing to purchase DIY tooth whitening kits on the internet. You wouldn’t try to perform your own root canal surgery. So why is it so common for people to whiten their own teeth and is it safe? Below are 4 reasons you need a dentist to safely get whiter teeth in Cork.

1: Hydrogen Peroxide Restrictions:

In 2012 an EU Directive came into effect whereby products containing over 6% hydrogen peroxide (the chemical used in tooth whitening illegal). Now the only tooth whitening products you can purchase for yourself are 0.1% and below due to the detrimental effect it can have on your teeth when applied improperly. The low concentration is also very ineffective in the whitening of teeth.

2: Finding Out If You Are A Suitable Candidate:

Your dentist will give you a full examination to ensure that tooth whitening is safe for your teeth. Without this checkup you could be doing lasting damage to your teeth completely unbeknownst to yourself. Tooth whitening isn’t recommended If you are a heavy smoker, drink a lot of red wine or coffee or you are pregnant as it can cause particular problems for each of these groups.

3: The ZOOM System:

We use the ZOOM system to whiten teeth here at Smile Store. Tooth whitening solutions can usually be carried out in-house or your dentist may walk you through the process and give you home whitening kits, dispensed with a prescription. It’s imperative that you go to a dentist for this as the hydrogen peroxide is at a much more effective level for tooth whitening (below 6% but far higher than 0.1%). This system insures you get effective tooth whitening safely.

4: Dentists Make Customised Trays:Safely Get Whiter Teeth In Cork

Even if you take the option of home whitening you need a dentist to prescribe you the whitening agent and make you a customised tooth whitening tray which slots perfectly into your mouth without allowing the product to touch sensitive gums or mucous membranes. Dentists take moulds of your teeth so that the whitening agent gets all the nooks and crannies while avoiding damaging any sensitive areas. Then they must check the size and fit of the tray in your mouth, ensure your ability to seat the tray in your mouth, ensure the proper loading of bleaching agent (both position in the tray and the amount) and they have to check that you aren’t accidentally swallowing any of the bleaching agent.

For your safety, tooth whitening shouldn’t be repeated too often; once a year is the general guideline. After first use, when topping up, a much smaller amount of bleaching product is required to restore the desired result. The Irish Dentistry Association has warned of the dangers of some products available via the internet which contain very high levels of hydrogen peroxide and which could be lethal in the wrong hands. At the other end of the scale some products contain very low levels of hydrogen peroxide and the IDA says these are ineffective.

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