hse-logo - Kid's TeethThe HSE Are Not Responsible For Your Kid’s Teeth – You Are.

A recent report on the number of extractions – 10,000 a year! – of children’s teeth has got parents talking. The HSE may cover extractions…eventually, after a long time on a waiting list. However, your child will be subjected to a long wait; up to 12 months; have to take antibiotics; be in pain for that period of time, and ultimately will be missing a tooth.

So why should your child find themselves in those circumstances in the first place?

Cost Prevention Is A Few Euro & Four Minutes A Day

A toothbrush costs a few euro. That is the only tool you need to take care of your child’s teeth. As the recent report indicates, the majority of extractions are due solely to decay as a result of dental neglect; improper brushing and crappy food. It’s not new news that sugary foods and fizzy drinks are bad for children’s health.

Most primary schools will not allow children to bring either to school in their lunchbox. But it’s parents who are ultimately responsible for the health of their children, and that includes their dental hygiene. It takes four minutes a day – two in the morning; two at night – to make sure your child brushes their teeth properly. Correct brushing with a bog-standard soft child’s toothbrush and an appropriate toothpaste will stop the buildup of plaque; prevent bacteria from forming and stop decay in its tracks before it gets started. As it’s decay that necessitates most extractions, a simple routine of brushing their teeth will save children from having teeth pulled out.

Risk & Impact On Their Future Smile

Many extractions need to be performed under general anaesthetic, which subjects your child to undue risk. Do you really want to put your kid through a potentially dangerous procedure, or saddle them with gaps in their mouth, all because you can’t find the time to supervise four minutes a day? 

An extraction might seem like a quick fix now – “Ah, sure it’s at the back; nobody will see it…you’ll never miss it”. But they will miss it, as once an adult tooth has been pulled it impacts the development of all teeth, and if surrounding teeth are missing the support of their neighbour, they’ll start to lean. Your child will end up with misaligned teeth, possibly requiring an expensive orthodontic correction and bracesAll for the price of a toothbrush!

Tax Relief

Tax Relief

Tax relief is available on many different dental procedures available at Smile Store – The Dental Specialists.

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