no more bad breath
Fresh foods help sweeten your breath

If you suspect that you may have dragon breath – breath that causes people to wince when you open your mouth – don’t panic or become a social recluse.

Here are some simple but effective tips on how to neutralise those smelly sighs and there are ways to help neutralise it.

1. Fresh foods & balanced intake. The inevitable New Year’s Diet is usually high protein; low carbs. Fats break down and create ketones, a pretty smelly by-product of digestion. Don’t give up on your healthy eating, but add in plenty of foods rich in phytonutrients like broccoli, sweet potato, carrots and fresh fruits. These will balance out the fats and help sweeten your breath.

2. Vegetables: are important for a variety of reasons, but chemically they can work wonders for your breath. Green vegetables encourage a more alkaline environment in the body, balancing out the nasty acids that cause bad breath.

3. Hard Textured Foods: Incorporate crunchy fresh foods like apples, celery and carrots- the physical act of chowing down on hard-textured foods rubs away bacteria that would otherwise sit on your teeth. It’s the same concept as giving Denta-Stix to your dog. Crunchy, textured foods act like a natural tooth brush.

4. Green juice and green tea: Substitute coffee with green juice – coffee is highly acidic, while green juices or green teas promote a more alkaline environment in your mouth.

5. Chew on fresh parsley: Parsley contains chlorophyll, which battles the volatile sulphur compounds that contribute to halitosis. Fresh mint will work also.

6. Look after your gut: Gut health is vital to staying fit and well. If all is not well in your belly, people can smell it on your breath. Take probiotics daily to boost enzymes required to properly break down food so it doesn’t lie fermenting in your stomach. Live yoghurt is a great breakfast choice, but you can get capsules too.

7. Drink loads of water: It’s free (more or less); it’s good for your entire body, and it keeps mouth bacteria at bay. Bottled drinks and sodas either have high sugars or contain citric acid as a preservative, which contributes to bad breath and wears away tooth enamel. It’s plain old H2O from now on!

8. Brush and floss every single day: Get a tongue-scraper to dislodge the bacteria that stick to your tongue giving off pungent acids. If you don’t do a stellar job at oral health at home, you’re allowing the bacteria to increase and stinky breath is guaranteed.

9. Use alcohol-free mouthwash: Alcohol dries out the mouth tissues and create the perfect environment for bad bacteria proliferation. Use a mouthwash with zinc in it, as zinc zaps those smelly sulphur compounds.

10. Quit smoking: Any of the above therapies are useless if you persist in filling your mouth with poison. Aside from being a sure-fire route to early death, smoking dries out all mouth and body tissues. The nicotine contained in cigarettes squeezes all the tiny blood capillaries, so you are not able to make enough saliva to flow through the mouth. Smoking completely disrupts the mouth’s natural processes and all smokers have disgusting breath.

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