Tooth Loss After An AccidentTooth Loss After An Accident? Dental Implants Are The Ideal Replacement

Healthy teeth are pretty solid, but accidents happen and losing a tooth or two to trauma is a very common occurrence. Smile Store – The Dental Specialists help many patients who lose teeth due to accidents, and though these patients arrive in a panic they always leave feeling reassured.

A tooth is more than the white bit above the gum line; it has a long root that grows out of the jawbone. If you’ve merely chipped or broken a tooth or two, and the root is still okay, you can get bonding, veneers or a crown. Modern dentistry is all about trying to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible.

However once the root is hurt, it will have to come out – but don’t worry; the magic of dental implants will give you back a gorgeous smile and you can forget the accident ever happened.

Dental Implants Ideal To Replace Teeth Lost In An Accident

replace tooth after accident with dental implantsA dental implant is an artificial tooth root. It’s a little titanium cylinder designed to take the place of the tooth root, and is surgically placed deep into your gum under local anaesthetic. Your jawbone accepts the implant and fuses around it, hugging it into place (a process called osseointegration), which means it’s absolutely rock solid. After about 6 months once the bone has fused around the implant, a suitable tooth replacement, such as a crown, is then attached to it using a little connector piece called an abutment.

Result? A totally natural looking tooth, which feels and functions the exact same way as your own teeth.

Depending on where the missing tooth is, or how many are missing, you have lots of options to choose from to select the most suitable dental implant and tooth replacement type for you. Smile Store will help you pick the best and most affordable option to match your teeth and give you the look you want.

If you’ve hurt your mouth, call Smile Store – The Dental Specialists right away on  021 432 0004 or see to book an appointment.

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