Hygiene Session: Once you have been diagnosed with periodontal gum disease, your first treatment will be an hour-long hygiene session with our hygienist. On this appointment the build-up of calculus ad tartar is addressed- we need to get rid of it so the Periodontist can get a clear view of the teeth and gums.

Periodontal Probing: The severity of the disease is measure by degree of ‘attachment loss’. This means the degree to which the bacteria have destroyed the ligaments that attach the gums to the teeth. The pockets made when the gums break away from the teeth allow bacteria to travel down to the root, where they beginning to erode the bone that holds the tooth in place. A periodontal probing measures the depth of the pockets in millimeters, to establish a baseline so we can measure improvement.

Full mouth disinfection: Sometimes called full mouth debridement, this is not really a fun appointment – but it is a very important treatment. Using specialised instruments, the Periodontist will clean the roots of the teeth, manually scraping off (debriding) as much bacteria as possible. This appointment will be done under local anaesthetic to make it as comfortable as possible; do expect to feel a bit sore once the anaesthetic wears off.

Review Appointment: Depending on the case, the Periodontist will review the situation four- six weeks after the full mouth disinfection, to see how you’re doing.

Hygiene Session: You’ll need another hour long session at this point, to get the teeth and gums scrupulous clean. Your hygienist is your greatest ally in the fight against periodontal disease.

Probing Re-Evaluation: This appointment is conducted by the Periodontist to measure the improvement in attachment loss. We would expect to see a positive response and the gums should be tighter; firmer and healthier, with reduction in pocket depth.

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