I wear an ill-fitting denture

All dentures eventually become loose

Most dentures may fit quite well initially, but once you are missing a tooth, the gum and jawbone where the tooth used to be begin to recede. So even if your dentures fit quite snugly at first, they start getting wobbly as the gum and bone shrink away and after a while start to shift uncontrollably around the mouth.

Denture adhesive doesn’t work for very long, as it’s in a damp environment, and some people resort to building up layers and layers of dental adhesive trying to keep their teeth in place.

Ill-fitting dentures are a nightmare for the wearer. Food choice becomes very limited as you cannot bite into anything crunchy or chew with confidence for fear of the dentures leaving your mouth unexpectedly.

Shifting dentures causes mouth ulcers; sore spots on the sensitive interior of the mouth and aching jaws from trying to clench them in place – not to mention the constant fear of embarrassment and problems with eating and speaking.

Dental Implants will change your life

If you wear ill-fitting dentures, dental implants will improve your quality of life immediately.

A dental implant is a titanium post that is screwed into the gum and jaw and acts as a tooth root. Dentures, crowns and bridges can then be affixed atop the implant, which is a completely solid anchor to support the dental restoration attached to it.

This allows dentures, crowns or bridge to not only look cosmetically like your own natural teeth without any unwanted movement, but they feel far more natural and function just like your natural teeth too.

The difference is amazing, and you will never have to worry about biting, chewing or speaking ever again! To learn how implants can help you find your firm bite again, click here


Patient reviews about dentures:

“Following many years of coping with a denture which was not properly made I at last have the perfect denture…thanks to Smile Store, from my first consultation with Doctor Ben and other members of the team my treatment has been highly professional, friendly and with Tamas at reception my visits were timely and relaxed.

Many thanks to all at Smile Store for all you kindness and reassurance…I am eating all foods from a steak to an apple and not a problem, not even a ‘settling-in time’. I would say for perfection visit Smile Store and you will not be disappointed.”

Patrick – Dublin