The issue with travelling abroad for dental work

Are you considering travelling abroad for dental treatment?

Many people think travelling abroad for dental work will save them money on having extensive treatments in Ireland. You don’t have to travel abroad to find good prices – Smile Store – The Dental Specialists offer prices comparable to those found abroad. In fact, once you factor in the cost of flights, transfers, insurance, accommodation and time taken off work, you can actually save up about 20% at Smile Store over the cost of dental work abroad – and up to 67% over the cost of dental costs in Ireland. We provide a full, transparent list of prices on this website, and when we develop your treatment plan with you we will clearly outline everything so you can choose to schedule your treatments as it suits your schedule and your budget.

Before you take the next step, we have compiled for you a few

Things to Consider

– Savings on dental fees with or without travelling?

What if you could make the savings associated with having dental treatments abroad, without any of the inconvenience or risk of travelling abroad? We at Smile Store – The Dental Specialists in Cork offer you savings of up to 67% compared to local average dental fees without travelling abroad. While you will always find a country that offers cheap treatments, there are a few things that you may want to think about.

When comparing dental fees, most people would not factor in other costs associated with dental travel. The savings on smaller treatments are so small that those will be eaten up by travel and accommodation costs. For more complex treatments, you will always have to travel multiple times, making your savings smaller with each flight you book.

– Combine dental treatment with a holiday?

The case is often made that one can combine a holiday with dental work. Seriously?

Wouldn’t you prefer to use the money you’ve saved through using Smile Store to go on a real holiday? Fact is, having complex dental work done will normally cause smaller or greater post-operative discomfort.

Would you really want to tour the Taj Mahal after a sinus lift and multiple implant surgeries?

Would you truly be able to enjoy the progressive culinary scene and wines in Budapest after having multiple extractions? We did not think so…

– Health, safety, comfort, easy access

At Smile Store, you can rest assured that we prioritise your health, safety and comfort. We will work with you to give you the best price that fits around your schedule, a price that is comparable with foreign dental practices-without any of the hassle of travel or taking time off of work.

Many people consider having dental work conducted abroad, in a bid to save money. When it comes to having implants or other extensive and complex treatments done, the cost in most of the Ireland-based practices are simply beyond the budgets of many ordinary people. Not at Smile Store! Our Cork-based practice easily competes with the prices of dental practices abroad, while guaranteeing you state-of-the-art treatments, all under one roof, with our team of highly trained specialists.

Risks and potential problems with travelling abroad – Hidden costs, hidden risks

What many people do not consider are the hidden costs and risks that can be associated with travelling abroad for treatment. These risks are not necessarily a reflection on the quality of the work conducted in clinics outside of Ireland. They merely relate to the reality of having to book flights and accommodation, to stick to a tight schedule and, of course, the major and important issue of receiving aftercare if there are problems or if there is pain, following treatment.

– Rushed treatments

Patients are tied to a tight schedule of flights; hotel bookings and transfers, so both you and the dental practitioner are forced to work within a narrow timeframe. As people only tend to travel for complex work, they try to squeeze a lot of treatment into a tiny window of opportunity. This puts both the dental surgeon and the patient under pressure to get as much done as possible in too short a time. At Smile Store – The Dental Specialists, your treatment plan is spread out over the most appropriate time frame, prioritising your health; safety and comfort and fitting into your schedule as it suits you.

– Over-treatment

Over-treatment is common practice in many dental clinics abroad, where the client is travelling for treatment. In plain terms, this means that unnecessary treatments are performed. For instance, an unnecessary root canal would be performed as standard, on a tooth underlying a bridge by many foreign practices. This is to mitigate the risk of the tooth dying in course of or after the preparation. There is no need of this on a healthy tooth, but this is performed anyway, to avoid potential future risks that they won’t be around to deal with. Are you happy to have a procedure performed that might be wholly unnecessary?

Patients try to cram a lot into their treatment plan to maximise their budget and their time abroad. They choose to have many issues treated as once, with an ‘I may as well do it all while I’m here’ attitude. It’s understandable, but not an ideal way to approach complicated dental work and frequently leads to problems down the line. Selecting Smile Store – The Dental Specialists means there is no pressure to have additional work done, and follow-up treatment is easy to access. You have the flexibility to arrange your treatment plan to best suit your schedule and your budget.

– COMPLICATIONS – ‘Your health is your wealth’

When complex dental treatment goes wrong, it can lead to pain and serious infection. Most people choose to travel for extensive, expensive work, believing there are huge savings to be made and that the more they get done, the greater the ‘value’. However, the more complex your treatment is, the greater the chances are for complications and many dentists in Ireland are reluctant to treat patients who have had surgery abroad.

Flying and the change of pressure in the cabin might lead to bleeding; so it’s not recommended that patients fly shortly after dental work- yet most are committed to a flight and must get back to work, so are forced to ignore the health risks.

The Irish Dental Council advises that “Patients choosing to travel abroad for dental care should always seek information about the potential risks of combining certain procedures with flights and or vacation activities.” See here their publication about travelling abroad for dental treatments.

The more complex your treatment is, the greater the chances are for complications and experience shows many dentists in Ireland are reluctant to treat patients who have had surgery abroad. For instance, implant caps may fall off and the patient has no idea which implant system was used abroad. They may not be able to get a dental specialist in Ireland to replace an implant cap and can’t just ‘pop’ back on a plane to sort out the problem. There could be much greater complications arising following complex work, and chances are your last minute flight back to Turkey, India or Hungary won’t be a low cost one.

– Aftercare

Realistically, this is one of the principle problems with going abroad for treatment – what do you do when you have trouble?

While there are foreign practices that offer some form of presence in Ireland, these are normally restricted to limited availability for pre-planned aftercare at certain times. It is important to bear in mind that all major surgery is carried out abroad and if complications arise – such as pain or serious infection – this could turn into a costly business, not to mention the inconvenience. Being close to the practice makes your life a lot easier! A short drive to Smile Store – The Dental Specialists surgery in Cork means far less risk; no danger of having to book or cancel flights or additional accommodation. All of the dentists at the practice live locally and are available to immediately address any issues.

We offer all patients an emergency number; prioritise patients experiencing difficulty and go the extra mile so you don’t have to.

– Solution

You have the reassurance of being under the wing of our well-established, experienced practice, with trust and exemplary patient care. No Need to Fly – Come to Smile Store – The Dental Specialists The truth is that prices at Smile Store – The Dental Specialists are actually comparable to those abroad; you really don’t need to get on a plane and subject yourself to any risks. You’ll get value; safety; the most modern of techniques and equipment, and most importantly of all – peace of mind. Smile Store – The Dental Specialists in Cork offer expert treatment, an experienced surgeon and team of specialists; the very best of professional care and follow-up, and are just a drive away.

Price, quality, comfort – How can we offer such competitive rates?

We are an all-specialists practice with an Oral Surgeon Specialist, Master of Implantology; prosthodontists; an Orthodontist Specialist, general dentists and a dental hygienist. This means that we can address all issues under one roof.

We have invested in the latest cutting edge technology and can boast that we own our own iCat Cone Beam CT Scanner, a rarity in Ireland. This allows us to get a 3D view of the interior structures of your mouth and jaw, meaning we do not need to refer you elsewhere – saving you a fortune on fees.

We are a high volume practice with bulk-purchasing power – a saving which we are happy to pass on to our patients. All our consumables are sourced locally and are of the highest available quality.

We are unbeatable for price, quality, comfort and flexibility and we have the testimonials to prove it. What are you waiting for? Save time and money and get the smile you’ve always wanted!

Call to book your appointment on 021 432 0004 now and start your journey towards a new smile with us!

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