The Social Six usually refers to the front six teeth most evident when you smile.

Everybody’s lips and jaws are built a little differently, but as a rule those top six teeth are what others see when you smile.

Of course, other teeth are visible when you speak and laugh, so a skilled approach will make sure the right combination of treatment leaves you with an attractive and natural-looking smile.

Like building a house, a great smile relies on a strong foundation. There’s little point in only fixing the parts you can see if they will crack under pressure. A healthy mouth good periodontal (gum) status and a balanced bite are key.

We make your treatment plan for complete dental fitness, to ensure an optimal long-term result we can stand over, and you can rely on.

Classic treatments to social six include:

  • Invisalign to straighten crooked teeth.
  • Veneers or bonding to correct chips and to harmonise teeth.
  • Whitening to brighten dark teeth.