Many people missing multiple teeth have had to rely on standard dentures, which always become loose as bone continues to recede from the jaw.

Dental implants are used to support dentures, so instead of having a set of false teeth floating around the mouth with nothing to secure it, implants can be placed and dentures affixed firmly to them for complete stability and full function.

This is particularly useful for the lower jaw, where standard dentures do not even have the security of suction to the upper palate, though implants can be fitted to both the upper and lower jaw as needed.

People who are missing many teeth, or don’t have any at all, benefit enormously from dental implants, which will restore full function and aesthetics to the mouth and greatly improve their quality of life.

The exact restoration will depend on the individual case, as each patient is unique and treatment is completely customised.

Most people who have been missing teeth for a long time will need some form of bone augmentation in the upper or lower jaw before the implants can be placed. Smile Store offer several options for bone grafts, as well as guided surgery for optimal outcome.