I am in pain

At Smile Store – The Dental Specialists, we prioritise patients who are in acute pain. Acute pain is sudden onset pain. If you need dental care quickly, we will do our best to see you as soon as possible to help you.

If you are experiencing pain after a treatment at Smile Store – The Dental Specialists, please refer to the last section of your treatment plan – all patients are given an emergency contact number to call in the event of post-procedure pain.

Your specialist will discuss your procedure in detail with you prior to your treatment; tell you what to expect and go over various pain relief options with you. He or she may prescribe medication to take after your treatment, as well as antibiotics or anti- inflammatory medication where required.

To make an appointment just call 021 432 0004. If you already are a patient of us experiencing acute pain, please refer to your treatment plan and ring the emergency mobile number that you find there.