If you have missing or broken teeth, you are probably self-conscious about your smile. Even if you wear dentures, they becoming ill-fitting after a while as the bone and gum recede from the areas where teeth are missing. The recession of the gum and bone around the area of the missing tooth means the neighbouring teeth have no support, and begin to shift out of place.

A dental implant or implants are the best solution to a missing tooth/teeth. A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed into the jaw, acting exactly like a tooth root. Once the implant is in place and the fuses with the jawbone, a process that takes about six months, you then have the option to affix a crown, bridge or denture over the top of the implant.

Anything placed atop the implant will then look, feel and function just like your natural tooth, as it is anchored securely and permanently in place in the jaw.

Advantages of dental implants to replace missing teeth

Improved Confidence: People who are too ashamed of their missing or damaged teeth; or worried about unruly dentures, strain to keep their mouths closed and their lips sealed tight for fear of embarrassment; never being able to fully communicate simple happiness. Dental implants give you back your smile – and your self-confidence.

Natural Appearance: Crowns; bridges and dentures placed on dental implants look and feel exactly like your own teeth. As the titanium post anchoring them in place fuses with the jawbone, they’re permanent and secure – no more shifting dentures.

Clear Speech: Ill-fitting dentures or major gaps in the mouth can cause trouble with speech; slipping dentures tend to make people slur or mumble. Dental implants allow you to speak unimpeded.

Consistent Comfort: Implants become part of you; fusing with your own bone and you won’t have to think twice about them. They are completely comfortable.

Bone Preservation: Dental implants preserve bone in the jaw by preventing the kind of recession and deterioration that happens when you lose a tooth, and they’ll significantly reduce the need for restorative intervention with your other teeth.

Easier Eating: If you have missing or decayed teeth, it can be difficult to chew. If you wear dentures that slip, you are always evaluating what you can and can’t eat safely. Because Dental Implants function exactly like your own teeth, you can live a normal life with unrestricted food choices and no pain.

Improved Oral Health: Dental Implants leave adjacent teeth untouched; they don’t require any alteration of other teeth for support – for instance no teeth have to be filed down for an implant-supported bridge. Single implants allow easy access between the teeth so you can floss and brush to maintain overall dental hygiene, and implant-supported dentures can be professionally cleaned once a year instead of left in a glass every night.

More Convenient: Dentures are removable-and doing so can be an embarrassing inconvenience. Ever had dentures pop out unexpectedly? Dental Implants stay put.

Longevity: Dental Implants are very durable and will last for years-in fact Smile Store – Your Local Dental Specialists, have a lifetime warranty on their Dental Implants. It is vital you maintain a high standard of oral hygiene to keep the warranty valid and maximise the life of your implants.

Fewer Visits to Dentist: Once you get your Dental Implants, you’ll only have to see your dentist for normal, scheduled cleanings or check-ups. Commit to taking good care of your teeth at home and no matter how much you like the dental surgeon who gave you your implants; you should see far less of each other!

Note: It’s also possible to use implants to secure dentures where many teeth are missing – an ‘overdenture’.