Feel out of control at the Dentist? Our 5 steps that work!

People who are nervous about seeing the dentist often worry about feeling out of control.

It’s understandable – being tipped back in a dental chair; a stranger in a mask invading your personal space; the sensation that you don’t know what’s going on or when it’s going to stop- all these feelings can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve had a bad experience at a dentist when you were younger.

Putting Patients in Control

At Smile Store – Your Local Dental Specialists, we recognise and understand the psychology behind your fear. Here are some of the ways we empower you to feel in control:

1. Plain talk and proper explanations: Your full treatment plan; options; details and fees will always be explained before any work ever takes place. Informed patients have the best outcomes, because they understand what they are having done; why and how to take care of their teeth afterwards. We speak in plain English and won’t confuse you with medical jargon.

2. Patient Interaction: We talk to patients before commencing any treatment; be it a simple cleaning with our hygienist, or a dental procedure. Your specialist will always take the time to have a chat to you before starting any treatment, and we are tuned into cues such as nervous body language – even if the patient politely says they are fine (a very Irish trait!)

3. Tell; Show; Do: We discuss concerns the patient may have; and practice a ‘Tell – Show- Do’ model where we explain to the patient what we’re going to do; show them what is about to happen, before doing it. We explain the sensations you may feel; noises you’ll hear and what to expect throughout the procedure. No surprises!

4. Hand signals for patients: Before any work commences at all, we give the patient hand signals to communicate. When patients realise they can pause or halt the work by simply raising their hand, they feel far more in control.

5. Communication: We will constantly check in with our patients; ensuring they can rinse when they wish; sit up and take a break if necessary, and will keep talking to them to explain what we are doing at each step of the procedure.

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable when you’re here and we want you to feel relaxed and safe. Just call us on 021 432 0004 to make an appointment and see how we can help.

If you are nervous about seeing the dentist, take a look at some of the reviews by patients who felt the same way, and how a visit to Smile Store changed their mind here http://smilestore.ie/reviews-list/ http://smilestore.ie/reviews-list/

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Tax Relief

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