Dental Implants Cork


Fix your Smile with the Best Value Dental Implants in Ireland

Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing or damaged teeth. A dental implant is a replacement for your own tooth root, made from titanium and fitted precisely into your jawbone. Once this replacement ‘root’ has fused to the jaw, you may add a crown, a dental bridge, or full dentures. All will be securely anchored by the dental implant (s). For a  Consultation call us on: 021 432 0004  

Why Smile Store?

  • Smile Store – The Dental Specialists are experts in Dental Implants
  • Our Oral Specialist Surgeon has a Master’s Degree in Implantology
  • We offer the best prices in Ireland
  • We will help change your life

Who can benefit from Dental Implants?

  • People who are missing teeth
  • People who wear dentures
  • People who wear bridges

Why are Missing Teeth a Problem?

  • Tooth loss leads to jawbone deterioration
  • Tooth loss leads to damage of neighbouring teeth
  • Facial features become ‘sunken’ making you look older
  • Dentures move around in the mouth
  • Conventional Dentures and Bridges don’t solve the problem of bone loss and will get loose as bone recedes further
  • Overall dental health deteriorates

How Do Dental Implants Help?

  • Dental Implants are anchored into the jawbone and fuse into it (osseointegration) providing perfect stability
  • They don’t have to rely on surrounding teeth for support
  • Implants allow whatever is fitted to them-crowns, bridges or dentures (prosthodontics)-to perform naturally and allow a normal bite pattern
  • Dental implants avoid bone loss problems caused by bridges and partial dentures.
  • There is no slipping, slurring or difficulty chewing once dental implants have been used to anchor your prosthodontics
  • Eat what you want, when you want, enjoy great oral health