I could not afford treatment

You’d be surprised! At Smile Store – the Dental Specialists, patients can save up to 67% on the cost of dental treatment. People who think that that having extensive or complex dental work is beyond their budget are pleasantly surprised at the savings offered by Smile Store. We make life-changing dental treatment affordable, accessible and achievable for the thousands of patients who were resigned to hiding their smile and suffering in silence.

Why is Smile Store – the Dental Specialists so affordable?

There are several factors that allow us to offer up to 67% savings on dental

Treatments to our customers:

1) We are a high-volume practice, and carry a large inventory of dental materials and supplies. All of our materials are top quality from suppliers approved by the Irish Dental Association, and buying large quantities of materials gives us bulk purchasing power, allowing us to pass the savings on to the patient.

2) We are an all-specialists practice, with everybody under one roof. The team at Smile Store has an Oral Surgeon Specialist and Master of Implantology; prosthodontist; orthodontist; general dentist and dental hygienists. This means every element of a patients’ treatment plan can be addressed here at our surgery – no need to refer patients elsewhere, or send them away for tests or procedures. This allows us to offer the best value to our patients.

3) We invested in the best of modern, state of the art technology. We own our own iCat CT Cone Beam scanner, one of the very few in Ireland. This allows our specialists to get a 3D view of the interior structures of the mouth and jaw for the most precise placement of dental implants; customised bone augmentation and more. We can do all of this right here in our surgery- and save the patient on fees.

4) When patients come for a consultation, we develop their treatment plan with them; tailoring it to best suit their schedule and budget. We lay everything out clearly so patients can prioritise their treatments and finances accordingly. Patients are in control of what they spend and when they spend it, with no hidden extras. Our fees are completely transparent and your treatment plan will be tailored to your schedule and your budget; outlined in the most transparent of ways with costs clearly explained.


“[…] I most especially want to thank Dr Kadar for his humour on my first visit and for ignoring the previous advice of my local dentist and deciding to save my teeth rather than going for full implants, he was caring but funny and made me instantly trust the entire practice! He was also the first person to make me believe I could save nearly 4,000 over my local private practice!”

Paul – Luton

“I would just like to say a huge huge thank you to Dr. Kadar and all the team at Smile Store for helping me to get the smile I have always wanted. I got two implants and didn’t feel a pinch from start to finish. I would highly recommend Smile Store to anyone looking for a great smile on a budget. I am travelling to Oz at the moment and I still have more work to get done when I come home but in total I will have saved €11,000 by dealing with Smile Store as opposed to an Irish Practice. Thank you Dr Kadar for your professionalism and friendliness.”

Jennifer – Cork

“Big thanks to everyone at Smile Store. I had a real fear about visiting the dentist but I couldn’t put it off any longer. I was embarrassed with by my teeth but Bence and the guys really put me at ease. Cant say thank you enough. It was cheaper than travelling, I saved a fortune… brilliant.”

Karl – Cork